Cool Roof on the Adamant Hospital-barge in Paris

by | Dec 14, 2020


  • Client : Saint Maurice Hospitals
  • Location: Adamant Barge – Paris 12th arrondissement
  • Issue: The very low metal ceiling (2m) brings heat inside the barge in the summer, making the conditions unbearable for its occupiers (temperatures inside over 40°C)
  • Surface Materials : Toiture métallique
  • Size: Metal roof
  • Date of Cool Roof delivery: 28th june 2018
  • Duration of Cool Roof worksite: 5 days
  • Start of instrumentation: 6th june 2018

The project

Cool Roof France carried work out on the Adamant hospital-barge to improve the patients’ quality of life. In one week, the effects were immediate: 15°C less in the barge!

Arnaud Vallet, the head nurse, presents you with our project and his first feelings.


This work, which has just been completed, will undoubtedly prevent the health problems we had in previous summers, with temperatures around 60° due to the heat waves… It is great to be able to work again in good conditions in this so atypical place and we can once again welcome the patients of the Paris Centre pole in good conditions. […] Thank you again for having taken the measure of the climatic problems that we are encountering.​
Arnaud Vallet

Responsable de l'équipe de soin, Péniche-Hôpital Adamant

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