Cool Roof on the Le Flahec warehouse in Yffiniac

by | Dec 14, 2020


  • Client: Le Flahec
  • Location: Yffiniac
  • Issue: fruit & vegetable cold storage– high consumption of air-conditioning
  • Surface material: Bitumen membrane
  • Size: 650 m2
  • Date of Cool Roof delivery: 1st August 2018
  • Duration of Cool Roof worksite: 3 days
  • Instrumentation: Recording of roof surface and subsurface temperatures since 18th July 2018

The project

Cool Roof France was appealed to to apply their reflective resin on the roof of the Le Flahec cold storage facility. The warehouse’s room temperature must be controlled daily and maintained at a low temperature. Cool Roof’s solution enabled them to make consequential refrigeration savings.

The Results

Impact on temperature on roof: Roof surface temperature was reduced by 30°C after Cool Roof coating application.

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