Cool Roof on the Boulanger store in Amiens

by | Dec 14, 2020


  • Client: Boulanger
  • Location: Boulanger store in Amiens
  • Issue: overheating in summer, resulting in overconsumption of air-conditioning and wear of waterproofing
  • Surface material: Initial state of bitumen membrane: mottled, high presence of lichen
  • Size: 2660 m2
  • Date of Cool Roof Delivery: 2017
  • Duration of Cool Roof worksite: 5 days
  • Instrumentation: none

The project

Cool Roof France carried out work on the roof of Boulanger in Amiens. 

2,660 m2 were covered in white coating to reduce the store’s air-conditioning needs.

The results

Impact on temperature on roof: Roof surface temperature was reduced by 30°C between painted and non-painted parts (above storage). Data collection by thermal imaging camera.

Recent realizations

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