Cool Roof on the Berlemont Gymnasium in Paris

by | Dec 14, 2020


  • Client : Paris City council
  • Location : Berlemont Gymnasium – Paris 11th arrondissement
  • Issue : Overheating in summer
  • Surface material: Corrugated steel-aluminium
  • Size : 700 m2
  • Date of Cool Roof delivery : November 2017
  • Instrumentation : Temperature recording one month before and one month after worksite on surface and subsurface of roof.

The project

The Berlemont Gymnasium in the 11th arrondissement of Paris was painted with Cool Roof to meet the overheating problem. The result is convincing: 20°C difference on the roof surface before and after!

The Results

The maximum obtained on the surface is a reduction of 20°C (48°C before painting and 28°C after painting) with an average reduction of the surface temperature of 2.62°C. The difference between the room temperature and surface temperature was also reduced, going from 18.9°C to 2.5°C maximum.

The ceiling temperature was lowered by 2.28°C on average with a reduction of 11.3°C at its maximum.

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