Our solution: coating to reduce the building’s heating

As its name implies, a Cool Roof is a roof designed to reflect solar radiation. The point of a Cool Roof is to limit a building’s heat during the summer. This improves the occupiers’ comfort without resorting to air-conditioning, which is expensive and emits greenhouse gases.

That’s all very nice, but how does it work?

Toit Cool Roof France Centre commercial



Toit Cool Roof France d'une péniche

Cool Roof France coating for an existing building

LThe Cool Roof France coating is made in France. It must be applied in several layers to protect your roof from high temperatures: two BaseCoat layers are required and a layer of Kynar Aquatec Top Coat.

Properties of the coating:

Solar Reflectance Index (SRI): 106

High UV, fouling and abrasion resistance

Clean product: no volatile organic compounds

Easy application and maintenance

New membrane:

Iko Duo Reflect

Are you building a new building or refurbishing your roof?

In a partnership with Iko, a waterproof membrane supplier, we have designed a white reflective membrane. You can enjoy a 10-year guarantee and extend your roof’s lifespan, while protecting yourself from high temperatures.

monitoring, analyse des performances d'un cool roof


We are equipped of a design office that studies the impact of Cool Roof on the comfort inside your building and the savings made. We analyse existing data and carry out additional measures when necessary by installing sensors to record surface and sub-surface temperatures on your roof, and inside your building.

On what types of buildings is the Cool Roof solution efficient?

The Cool Roof France coating can be applied on most terraced roofs. Can I apply Cool Roof on my roof?

Here are the different surface materials on which you can apply Cool Roof:

  • Corrugated steel/sheet metal
  • Bitumen
  • Asbestos and non-asbestos fibre cement
  • Tiles
  • Zinc

Are you wondering whether your roof’s configuration is compatible with Cool Roof coating?



Application du revêtement Cool Roof

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Application conditions

For the optimal application of Cool Roof France coating, some conditions are required. 

icone thermomètre chaleur

Air - Temperature

Temperature between 10 and 35°C (BaseCoat), between 15 and 35°C (TopCoat), relative humidity < 80%. Do not apply if rain forecast within 24h.

icone immeuble


Perfectly clean and dry surface. Do not apply on zones where water often stagnates.

icône ventilateur

Do not spray on if wind speed is above 50 km/h.


Application times

Leave 24 hours to dry between each BaseCoat and TopCoat layers. Our teams apply 5,000 m² of Cool Roof over one week on a bitumen membrane roof with ideal weather conditions and a clean roof

All our information can be found in our technical file: