Cool Roof France, the European leader of CoolRoofing, provides reliable and cost-efficient solutions to cool down buildings and cities.


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Overheating buildings

A black roof can reach up to 60°C and will release part of that heat inside the building.

Reducing efficiency of equipment on roofs

Condensing units / Photovoltaic panels

Urban heat islands

The heat absorbed by buildings is released into streets by radiation and thus raises the temperature in town.

Over consumption of air-conditioning

To cool down your building inside, using air-conditioning generates high costs.

Roofs wear out faster

The effects of roof expansion and retractions affect its lifespan.

« We had up to 60°C and the heat spread through the structure. »

Arnaud Vallet, Health Coordinator on the Adamant barge in Paris.

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White outside,
cool inside

Cool Roof France develops reflective coating for buildings, reflecting 90% of the solar heat hitting it.

Applied on roofs, it allows comfortable temperatures inside and limits energy consumption.

The Cool Roof France coating

Every summer, we face multiple, intense heat waves. Cities and buildings turn into ovens. 

How can we cool down?

Cool Roof France applies a reflective thermal coating on your roof that allows you to:

  • protect your waterproofing membrane
  • lower the temperature of your building by 15°C
  • save 10% to 40% energy

and, what’s more,

  • it’s profitable: ROI in 3 to 7 years…
  • it’s environmentally-friendly: no VOCs, water-based solvents, less greenhouse gas emissions
  • it’s simple: 5,000m² applied in one week

and… made in France! 🇫🇷

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Cool Roof France

The company was created in 2015 by 3 associates. It provides a white heat-reflective coating that can be applied on roofs of buildings to limit overheating during summer periods. Endowed of a design office and laboratory, Cool Roof France is the leader of Coolroofing in Europe.